Friday, December 30, 2005

four free short torts exam questions...

From, you can get some free exam questions (and some of the answers) from various subjects. I glanced over some of the stuff, and it's kind of scary. Interesting, but scary.

For one thing, everyone else in the world apparently spends the first quarter of the semester on intentional torts. Do we not do that because it's mostly memorization of rules, and less doctrinally interesting...?


Blogger Genius Pony said...

1. didn't guido say it was one of the long-standing abnormalities of yls that it has never spent time on intentional torts?

2. yes, the published exams are scary. and therefore, as with most scary things, i would advise looking away.

3. the only case relevant for the torts exam is behrens v. bertram circus.

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