Saturday, January 14, 2006

Age -- ideology -- justice

  1. 85 (L) John Paul Stevens
  2. 72 (L) Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  3. 69 (M) Anthony Kennedy
  4. 69 (C) Antonin Scalia
  5. 67 (L) Stephen Breyer
  6. 66 (L) David Souter
  7. 57 (C) Clarence Thomas
  8. 55 (C) Samual Alito
  9. 50 (C) John Roberts
I guess I hadn't noticed that the liberals were so old. Clinton appointed Ginsburg when she was already getting a bit long in the tooth, while Clarence Thomas was a very young appointee: only 43. Looks like conservatives will hang on to the court even if Alito is Bush's last appointment and the conservatives lose the next presidential election.


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