Monday, January 09, 2006

New York Times and one-man-one-vote

How brave!

The NYT comes out editorializing with the ferocious line, "Alito may not even believe in one-man one-vote." Takes a lot of courage to put yourself out that far with such a bold, clear statement.

Here's Professor Bainbridge's dissection of the editorial. If I had read both sides of the story first, I would find myself pretty well balanced between thinking Alito's a bit too extreme of a conservative and thinking he's in the heart of the Republican majority. But finding this stuff out in a dissection, I find myself a bit disturbed by the NYT's omission of any context to their facts.

It's like they wrote a brief, the judge read it and was convinced, and then read the opposing brief and found out the first lawyers were just conniving wretches. Hmm.

Listened to some of the hearings today. More later.


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