Saturday, January 14, 2006

Old Yale dean comes out in favor of Alito

Kronman supports Alito! Yale Law School's dean from 1994 to 2003 warmly describes Alito as smart and humble, and committed to the rule of law. This is particularly interesting: Alito has learned
to be respectful of the past --- that all-affecting attitude we
sometimes describe, too narrowly I think, as the rule of stare decisis.
Kronman thus links stare decisis, which is being harped on by liberals worried about Roe, with a certain type of broader conservativism, a bigger picture of history, that would not necessarily sit well with a number of liberal goals.

Kronman describes Alito as being a disciple of Bickel, the somewhat liberal judicial-restraint advocate (and YLS professor). Alito himself says he most admires Justice Harlan (the second, I assume), a thoughtful conservative.

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