Monday, February 27, 2006

Danish cartoons, and the "religious right" vs. the "Christian right"

Great post by Garnett (yet again) over at Mirror of Justice. He discusses Beinart's article in the New Republic on the Danish cartoons, and praises the universalistic tendencies of Bush: recall how in late 2003 he claimed that Muslims and Christians worship the same God? That "conservative ecumenism" is what leads to the possibility of empathy, and thus communication:
Now, in the wake of the cartoon saga, the election of Hamas and the ongoing trauma in Iraq, that universalism is being challenged, and the older, more pessimistic conservatism is resurfacing. And that's a very bad thing. No matter what you think of the religious right's domestic agenda, the United States is much better off with a religious right than with a Christian right or a Judeo-Christian right. When conservative American Christians lose their ability to identify with conservative Muslims--to imagine their faith as in some basic way the same and deserving of the same basic respect--the United States will find itself less able to speak to the Muslim world, and less able to listen to it. It will find itself, in other words, in the place Europe is now. And that's a place no American should want to be.
Click on "Read comments..." for more. Good discussion; I could use a bit of explication of the Dignitatus Humanae reference, an encyclical that starts easy and gets notoriously hard. Also interesting: I think I've figured out what Mirror of Justice refers to. An author--I've lost the cite--calls Mary "Our Lady, the pure Mirror of Justice and Cause of our Joy, whose Fiat to the will of the Father is the Catholic’s only model for both personal and political life." I suspect "cause" might be a bit theologically inaccurate here, unless it's used in some technical sense I'm unaware of.


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