Thursday, February 16, 2006

extensive research on "Blackacre" etymology...

...leads me to a secret source only available in a dusty library in Tripoli's Old City:

Jesse Dukeminier, author of one of the leading series of textbooks on property, traces the use of Blackacre and Whiteacre for this purpose to a 1628 treatise by Sir Edward Coke. Dukeminier suggests that the term might originate with references to colors associated with certain crops ("peas and beans are black, corn and potatoes are white, hay is green"), or with the means by which rents were to be paid, with black rents payable in produce and white rents in silver.

Blackacre is also the name adopted by a literary journal at the University of Texas School of Law. The journal is compiled and edited each year by the Texas Law Writers League, an organization co-founded by Meera George, Robert Love, and Michael Matthews in 2004.


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