Saturday, March 11, 2006

Kite haters migrate eastwards

What does everyone have against kites? First the Taliban, who we took out for their kite-based discrimination, and now Pakistan. Admittedly, the Pakistanis take their kites a little too seriously, resulting in multiple deaths each year. Washington, DC has a kite festival with kite-fights as well---mildly abrasive objects are spaced along the string, and you try to cut your opponent's line so his kite sails away to infinity and beyond---but we somehow manage to keep the deaths down to a reasonable level, like zero. Perhaps it's because we don't allow the strings to be dipped in corrosive chemicals or to be ribbed with glass shards. Might regulation rather than banning be an intermediate solution here...? Maybe the test of a failed state is whether you can impose a basic administrative requirement on spacing razor blades at least two feet apart on your citizens' kites?


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