Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Virginia Postrel retiring from the New York Times

Ms. Postrel, one of the most insightful economic writers in any medium--but specializing in the story-behind-the-story of many column-inches but even more insights--has written her last for the New York Times. As always, it is a doozy. Dragging us back to reality from our blissful information age, she notes that our riches are made possible, or rather made possible here, by the humble cargo container. "Just as the computer revolutionized the flow of information, the shipping container revolutionized the flow of goods." She discusses regulation's role in saving us from progress, the globalization of tastes (to those with purchasing power from those without, and back again), creative destruction, and the scalability of our desires...to whatever we can get.

She was editor of Reason magazine at its height, and is especially dear to me as the author of "The Substance of Style," which explores how we create ourselves through choosing from the ever-expanding menu of experiences provided by life--and consumer producers. Her blog continues. She also recently donated a kidney to a stranger whose life was at stake. All in all, a truly remarkable woman. I look forward to her next project.


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