Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Humanizing USAID by twinning up donor/donee countries

Vivek Krishnamurthy has a great post over at Dominion Wine & Cheese Society suggesting a successor institution arrangement to replace the dysfunctional USAID and CIDA: each developing country would be paired with one (or more) developed countries who would be solely responsible for helping out their twin. This would give each rich country a more concrete, personal goal, and would also raise competition and national-pride incentives, and perhaps cause less effective programs to be jettisoned. Vivek even suggests that there might be industry pairing, with certain fields like nursing and infrastructure between the two countries establishing close ties with the respective specialty. I haven't given this much thought, but at first blush it seems like a spectacular idea. I say these kind words despite Mr. K's misspelling of my name on his blog.

The picture, btw, is from the "Lost Boys of Sudan" murals in the Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services building in Hartford.


Blogger Justin Cox said...

One thought: we also might want to try to salvage USAID's credibility by ending the practice of funding foreign dissidents through USAID.

Just a thought.

7:58 PM  
Blogger Vivek Krishnamurthy said...

Thanks for the plug. And I've fixed Sean's name. (At least I didn't spell it as Strasbourg. Quelle horreur!)

7:40 PM  

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