Friday, April 14, 2006

Priestly Pedophilia and Spousal Minister Murder

Happy 10th Birthday, Alyssa! I love you!

During the recent scandal in the Catholic church re: pedophiliac priests and the cover up by bishops etc., I often heard, "If we allowed priests to marry, we wouldn't have had this problem." The real issue here is not fundamentally about priests being allowed to marry; it is about the sinful actions of individual men.

During the recent story of the Tennessee woman who shot her minister husband (click here for the story), I was hoping to see a spokesperson for the Catholic church, using this same illogical argument, reading a statement on the evening news, "...and this is why the Church does not allow its priests to marry." Somehow, I don't think this similar thought would have ever been seen in print or on the 5 o'clock news. :-)


Blogger Sean Strasburg said...

TS Eliot writes in "The Idea of a Christian Society":

The Natural life and the supernatural life have a conformity to each other which neither has with the mechanistic life: but so far has our notion of what is natural become distorted, that people who consider it 'unnatural' and therefore repugnant, that a person of either sex should elect a life of celibacy, consider it perfectly 'natural' that families should be limited to one or two children. It would perhaps be more natural, as well as in better conformity with the Will of God, if there were more celibates and if those who were married had larger families.

This is an interesting point about the mathematics of priests and those who are in favor of zero-population-growth.

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