Sunday, May 21, 2006

An exact tie!!! Harvard and Yale Law Reviews equally good, to two-dozen decimal places

After using their methodology to carry out calculations of the relative value of the Harvard and Yale Law Reviews to over twenty significant figures, investigators threw their hands up and called it a draw. The Relative Value of American Law Reviews, Ronen Perry. Interestingly, the next best law review, the Columbia Law Review, got a 92.8 (out of the 100.000000... points H and Y got). This is pretty similar to the ratio of the next-best law school after Yale according to the USNews rankings, showing a fair bit of dominance of the field in both journals and schools, with the exception that Stanford is now putting up a fight for second. The same results occur in Larry Solum's reports on entry level legal hiring. If you're ever heard of Vilfredo Pareto's other famous idea, the circulation of elites, then this may seem familiar.


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