Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Kansas City Royals...

...are off to their worst start in franchise history: they are 10-33. This, for one of the worst franchises in baseball history. (The worst, btw, is Philadelphia: nearly 10,000 games lost in the past 120-odd years.)

The Royals have ripped off two eleven-game losing streaks already this season. (Nothing compared with their 19-gamer last year.)

The worst all time losing streaks:
  • AL: Baltimore (21) [to open the 1988 season!]
  • NL: Cleveland (24) [way back in 1899]
The New York Mets lost 340 games in three seasons back in the early sixties. The Royals would need to lose 130 games this season to match that.

Unfortunately, they're almost on pace. Projecting their record forward gives them 124 losses: this beats the worst season in modern history, the Tigers of 2003, by five games. (Cleveland in 1899 lost 134 games.)

Always look on the bright side of things: just a few years after their miserable three-season disaster, the Miracle Mets went on to win it all. And the Tigers have truly turned it around, and right now have the best record in baseball, being a game ahead of the world champion ChiSox.

The Royals made it to the playoffs 6 out of 10 years from 1976 to 1985, making it to the world series twice, and winning it in the final year. Someday maybe they'll be that way again. I'll stick with the Royals.

I'm just glad I'm not a Cubs fan.


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