Thursday, May 18, 2006

Posner the contrarian

Hard to underestimate how odd Posner is. He just proposed allowing the CIA to spy inside the US (or, equivalently, creating a parallel agency to do that).

But in the past he's argued that law reviews are idiotic. He went against the tidal wave of Gladwell's Blink. He thinks nothing's wrong with the PATRIOT Act. He is against all medical privacy laws. He's pretty happy with the NSA wiretapping of Americans. He's said the last year of law school is a total waste. [Harvard Law Record 9, Jan. 16, 1998.] The media are morons, and most public intellectuals are, too. His blog is a regular feast of crotchety ill-mannered attacks on the received wisdom.

I wonder what he's like in person. For some reason I bet he lives on unfiltered cigarettes and rot-gut liquor. I want to have his child.


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