Saturday, May 13, 2006

The stoppable force meets the movable object

The Royals brief tangle with success has ended: they met a slightly less-horrible team, and rolled over. They're down 9-1 right now to the Bal'mer Birds. This gives the O's their first series victory in their last seven tries, if I heard correctly. The Royals team ERA is about 6.5, the worst in the majors. Think what this means: they need to score 7 runs to win the average game. This places a high demand on the worst offense in the American League. Albert Pujols, single-handedly, has about as many homers as the entire Royals squad.

Someday statisticians will study how the Royals managed, in the first decade of this century, to take sadsack inability and turn it into stretches of awful baseball that would become famous throughout the world. (Wearing a KC hat, I've been mocked in Equador and Singapore for being a Royals fan.) Oh, wait, statisticians already have adopted them.


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