Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tom Waits without the tunefulness: Wooden Wand

If you like Tom Waits's clanking pipes, screeching sounds, and dark ambience, and would like that music even if Waits's legendary Frito-Lay gravelly voice weren't chanting lyrics o' doom, you may want to check out Wooden Wand. Their music sounds like something you might hear while wandering through the woods of the Blair Witch Project.

Wooden Wand's most recent album, "Gypsy Freedom," has been described as "experimental noise folk" by Pitchfork Records. If Kurt Weill's Threepenny Opera on drugs (I mean more drugs) sounds marketable to you, give Gypsy a listen.

[Also: below, I forgot to mention ex-Beta Band frontman Steve Mason's new album, King Biscuit Time: "Black Gold".]


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